“My husband and I just got done looking at our photos from the day our daughter was born. They brought tears to our eyes! It was priceless being able to look back on that day (especially since I barely remember it!). Thank you, Keren!!”
Anna P.


“Keren did an AMAZING job at capturing our son’s birth.  I only wanted my husband in the room during labor and delivery and didn’t want him to be trying to capture every moment which is why we hired Keren as our birth photographer. Keren, being a mother herself, was such an encouragement during the labor process and knew exactly what moments to capture.  The pictures she took we will treasure forever and our son loves looking at the pictures of the day he was born. She will no doubt be there for any future children we have!”
Shelly C.

“There are lots of big decisions to make when you are planning for your first baby and one of the best decisions I made was hiring Keren as our birth photographer. Caught in the moment it is hard to appreciate all of the once in a lifetime things that happen while giving birth. My daughters first breath, the look on my husbands face when he saw her for the first time, the precious first moments as a complete family; all wonderful memories that fade with time but are forever preserved in our amazingly emotional pictures. The story Keren told of our first birth experience with her photographs made our friends and family feel like they had been in the delivery room with us and brought many to tears. Keren was amazing. She and I were both due to give birth within 2 weeks of each other and short of being in the bed next to me delivering her baby, she assured me nothing would keep her from capturing our birth. True to her word she left her 10 day old daughter to spend the day at the hospital with us. My daughters birth was an incredible experience and I am so grateful to have the memories preserved forever!
Thanks again Keren! You are amazing!”
Amanda S.

“Our birth wasn’t exactly the stuff great stories are made of…but Keren, you managed to make it look like a dream. How on earth did you do it? I’m speechless. Every precious moment is there. You have truly captured our day and frozen it in time for us to cherish forever. I can never thank you enough. The fact that you did the so effortlessly and unobtrusively makes me believe you are some kind of magician. There is no other way you could have done it! Thank you. I could not be happier!”
-Chris M.

“Upon meeting Keren, my husband and I completely felt at ease asking her to be our Birth Photographer. She was dependable, quick to answer emails and phone calls, and extremely personable. Having her capture the labor and birth of our son was such a positive experience for us. Being able to view the photos and remember those very first moments of raw emotion is priceless. Everyone who has seen the images is in awe. My husband especially loved not having the pressure of being my support AND taking pictures while I was giving birth. Keren has turned into a great friend, and both of my children love her. I can not give enough praise and thanks for how happy I am with choosing Keren as our Birth Photographer.”
-Christi S

“I LOVED having Keren there to capture those first moments after our son was born. Those pictures are priceless to our family and will be cherished for years. There was no doubt in my mind that we wanted her again when we found out we were expecting #2.”
-Amanda R.

“Keren was an absolute pleasure to work with. I absolutely adore the photos she took during the birth of our son and these are pictures that I will cherish for a lifetime. I knew I wanted my birth photographed because I didn’t want to burden family members with being responsible for taking pictures of the important moments. Keren did a great job at capturing all of the special moments from pushing, to holding our baby for the first time, to my husband cutting the cord. I would absolutely recommend her to anybody interested in birth photography as well as those that are skeptical about the decision. Just look at her photos. They will make your mind up for you!”
-Heather W.

“Keren did an amazing job capturing the best moment of our lives, the birth of our son.  She spent the night with us in the delivery room and captured all the aspects of the birth that we wanted! She was very professional and unobtrusive, we didn’t even realize she was taking pictures!  The photographs are amazing and something we will treasure forever.  I highly recommend a birth photographer so that you are able to enjoy this special time without worrying about who is taking pictures of all these ‘firsts.’  Thank you so much Keren, I look forward to having you in the delivery room in the future!! ”
-Suzie B.

“Keren was the first member of my birth “team” that I assembled. She answered all of my questions about her role before the birth and she just fit right into the scene seamlessly. I consider birth to be extremely sacred and personal, so choosing the right person combined with the right talent was pivotal. I see birth photography from the outside perspective all the time, since I’m in the healthcare field, but when you see your own birth pictures… it made me appreciate my body in a whole new dynamic. I was in awe! Seeing the pictures made the entire event of my miracle flood back, minus the pain. Keren was also extremely sweet at my birth, she made sure that her presence was not overbearing and the only time I knew she was there was when she said, “You can do this.” I loved that little voice that reassured me. Afterwards, while I snuggled with my baby, she was sure to send me a picture for my FB announcement and the pictures came faster than any other photography I’ve had done. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for everything!”
Terah Lara, LM, CPM

“Keren, these photos are breathtaking…I cry when I look at them! You did such an amazing job and I cannot thank you enough. Sean and I are still talking about you to our friends and family. I wish I had had more time during the process of labor to express my gratitude for you being there with us…it was such a whirlwind! Thank you!”
-Kellie W.

“It’s hard to put into words how grateful I am for the images that Keren captured of my daughter’s birth. They are priceless, beautiful and irreplaceable. Every time I look at those photographs it brings tears to my eyes. Keren was able to capture every aspect of her birth, including so many moments that I would have otherwise never seen.  Keren was extremely professional and wonderful to work with. She blended in effortlessly, we didn’t even know she was there.  We will cherish these photographs for years to come and I truly can’t thank Keren enough!”
-Angie W.

“Keren captured the special moments of our daughter’s birth. Each photo shows the emotion and special moments of the day.  With just meeting Keren once before her birth, she was like an old friend in the delivery room.  A wonderful photographer and person to capture the moments of the birth of your child.”
-Joanne C

“My husband and I are so thrilled that we made the decision to hire Keren as our birth photographer.  Despite the birth being a c-section, Keren was willing (and able) to come in with us and capture the first moments of our son’s life.  This also meant my husband could focus on the birth and not the camera. Keren was friendly, respectful and unobtrusive.  It means so much to have these wonderful images of the happiest day of our lives.  They will be cherished for a lifetime!”
-Lexi H.

“Keren is an amazing birth photographer. Even though we had a c-section, she found ways to capture those precious moments so that we will have them always! You never know how a labor will go, and her flexibility and adaptability ensure that you get great pictures no matter what!”
-Jennifer Y

“Two thumbs way up for Keren! She did an amazing job documenting my son’s birth. She has a true gift when it comes to birth photography. I Wish I had known her when my daughter was born!”
-Sheena R.

“Keren not only took amazing pictures, but was extremely supportive through our birth. It really gave us an opportunity to really enjoy every moment, and not have to stop and take pictures. It was one less thing to worry about packing!”
-Shannon B.

“Keren was absolutely wonderful!  She did an amazing job of capturing the the most precious moments of our daughters birth. We can’t wait to have another child just so we can hire her again!”
-Lindsey C.

“I am so happy we decided to have Keren photograph the birth of our son. She truly captured the emotion of each step in the labor process!  Her talent and professionalism is a gift in itself. I am looking forward to working with her again as our son and family grows!”
-Joy S.

“Keren Fenton is someone who truly LOVES what she does, and you can see it not only in her work, but also in her interactions with clients. Despite having known her for several years, I am always somewhat uneasy about being photographed, but her natural ease with the camera made me feel comfortable. And she can get a great photo of even the surliest 2.5 year old, which in my book makes her a true pro.” – Jenn C.

“Keren was absolutely amazing! Not only are the images she captures absolutely beautiful, she is a great cheerleader during delivery. My husband and I will cherish the photographs showing our first moments meeting the love of our lives. What a gift Keren has and how thankful we are she shares it with parents like us. I recommend her 100%. Thank you again!!!! For everything.” – Sharrisa P.

“From births to family photos Keren has been preserving our family memories. Her work alone is fantastic. But she’s not only a fabulous photographer, she is so sweet and warm with her customers you’d think you have been friends for years! An excellent quality to have especially in the delivery room where you want to be comfortable with the people who are with you on such a special day.” – Jasmin D.